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Why Keeping Your Head in the Cloud is a Good Thing

Best practices on operating a global cloud data center from a veteran IT operations executive

This article originally appeared on Telecom Reseller, here.Scott Welch

by Scott Welch, EVP of Cloud Operations, Five9

As cloud technologies continue to flourish and replace older, on-premises solutions, it is important for cloud vendors to recognize the necessity of ensuring smooth and seamless operations. When companies trust their cloud vendor to shoulder the responsibility of running their enterprise applications, the expectation is that the vendor can do it better than the business can do themselves. This means cloud vendors need to have the right team, technology, process and procedures in place to provide continuous access and meet service level agreements. Continue reading

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The Rise of Outcome-Based Pricing for Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs)

Customers want answers, and, increasingly, they are asking more complicated questions using a variety of devices. Over the past 10 years, the demand for multichannel support (via email, chat, social, phone and text) has surged as customers have incorporated the latest technological options into their daily lives. Basic customer care now often requires more qualified agents who can solve complex problems, along with robust contact center software that can support multiple communication channels.

In response, contact center outsourcers have been increasingly turning to remote and at-home agents. Contact center outsourcers are striving to differentiate themselves based on their ability to hire and retain the most highly skilled workforce in the customer care field. Managing this workforce has traditionally been a challenge, but outcome-based reporting has shown a great deal of promise in removing much of the uncertainty. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs) + Cloud Contact Center Solutions Are Better Together

Businesses know that superior customer service translates into higher customer retention. Faced with the significant resources required to offer high quality customer service, businesses often turn to contact center outsourcers to help them navigate the technical and staffing challenges associated with the delivery of great customer service.

With a unique business model, contact center outsourcers greatly benefit from leveraging Continue reading

Creating High-Performing Sales Teams: Q&A with the Five9 Director of Sales Development

Earlier this month, Five9 Director of Sales Development, Kristina McMillan, hosted a webinar where she discussed the 3 pillars that have helped create a high-performing sales development team at Five9: people, technology, and culture. In her presentation, Kristina discussed how Five9 created an efficient process for turning leads into high-value sales opportunities through an innovative approach to hiring, training, coaching, and ultimately, transforming the sales development team into a high-performing unit.

At the end of the webinar, Kristina answered a number of fantastic questions. Catch the recap of the Q&A here:

Q: What sort of gamification do you use?
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Survey Results: How Contact Center Outsourcers Compete, Manage Staff and Work With Clients

Five9 recently surveyed leading, US-based contact center outsourcers, revealing interesting insight into how outsourcers compete, manage staff and work with clients. To review the survey data in more detail, scroll through the infographic below or download it here.
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Why Phone Calls Are the New Mobile Conversion

This article was originally posted on No Jitter, here.

Using click to call, your business can unleash a new source of high-value Web and mobile leads.

As more consumers use smartphones to search for information while on the go, advertisers are embracing a new (old) way to connect with consumers by turning mobile searches and mobile ads into high-value phone leads. Several factors are fueling the mobile click-to-call trend. Continue reading

How to Increase Efficiency and Quality with Call Recording and Monitoring

Recording interactions is the first step toward helping agents become more efficient and deliver higher quality interactions. Recordings can be used for coaching sessions with agents… for training new agents… for transitioning a current agent to a new role or program… and overall, call recording can provide the basis for analyzing interactions to learn what works best.
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8 Tips for Ensuring Agents Excel in a Multichannel Environment [CHECKLIST]

ICMI research shows 86 percent of consumers want the freedom to choose their favorite channel to connect with businesses — and their satisfaction levels rise when they’re given that choice.

To give your multichannel efforts the best chance for success, start with the agents who know you and your business the best. Put processes into place and take advantage of technology tools to transform these veterans into multichannel powerhouses.

Here are some tips to get you there: Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost the Fun Factor in Your Contact Center

Just about everyone agrees: employees that feel rewarded tend to be more productive and more effective in their roles–and they’re less likely to depart for greener-looking pastures.

Here are a few ideas for livening things up in your contact center, inspired by the motivation and teamwork of the experts at CSWeek.com: Continue reading

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Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Effective Super-Agent [CHECKLIST]

With the growing demand for multichannel customer service, more and more contact centers are recognizing the benefits of hiring and training agents to handle multiple service channels simultaneously (i.e. phone, email, chat, and social). These types of agents are being referred to as super-agents.

Today, contact centers are striving to meet the demands of connected consumers, who want near-immediate results on their channel of choice.

Here is a checklist of skills to look for when on the hunt for an effective super-agent: Continue reading