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A Successful Customer Service Strategy in 2017 Starts and Ends With the Consumer

By Mayur Anadkat, VP Product Marketing

This article was originally published on VMBlog, here.

2017 Brings the Death of the Contact Center, And the Engagement Center Emerges

The evolution of the customer experience industry is a fascinating movement. Admittedly, it’s been slower than what people have wanted or expected, but I believe that 2017 brings the next evolution of the contact centers — customer engagement centers. Continue reading

The Future of Customer Service is Going Through Puberty

By Mayur Anadkat

The customer service industry is experiencing some technology growing pains. We are seeing a lot of examples of the next big thing and trending technology ideas go through an awkward stage, like puberty. Not quite developed for the future, but apparent for everyone to see we are hitting a time of real change. I’m feeling a huge push in technology to want to be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and bots becoming the new normal, but the maturity level of these are stuck at an awkward, teenage level. IoT and bots are in their early days, not sure where they fit in, still trying to find a home, not quite confident and accepting that this is the new normal.

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Private Twitter Messages Won’t Eliminate the Contact Center

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor, here.

By Mayur Anadkat

Imagine you’ve just purchased a brand new coffee maker and you can’t wait to start brewing a fresh pot. When trying to set it up, you realize a crucial part is missing from the box. You reach for your phone and tweet at the company right away because they should know your dissatisfaction.

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6 Critical Mistakes When Implementing a New Service Channel

Quality customer service plays a major part in keeping your audience satisfied and loyal to your brand, but phone support alone doesn’t cut it anymore. According to a recent study by ICMI, 74% of consumers use three or more channels while resolving their issues. When you implement a new service channel, there are six critical mistakes you need to avoid to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Continue reading

The Omnichannel Contact Center: Q&A with Liz Osborn [Part 2]

In June 2015 Susan Hash of Contact Center Pipeline conducted a Q&A interview with our very own Liz Osborn. The topic? All things omnichannel. Last week we published the first part of the interview, covering top omnichannel challenges, how to get started, prioritizing contact channels, and what to measure. You can read part one here. Continue reading

The Omnichannel Contact Center: Q&A with Liz Osborn

The omnichannel contact center — How do you get there? What are the first steps? Where do you focus your resources? How do you measure it?

Liz Osborn, Five9 VP of Product & Solution Marketing, reviews these topics and more in her Q&A session with Susan Hash of Contact Center Pipeline. Continue reading

The Evolution of the Contact Center

The Evolution of the Contact Center: Part 4 of 5 [SLIDESHARE]

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Enterprise Connect, an event that gathers the most qualified technology professionals and business decision-makers in one place focused specifically on contact center and general customer service tools. In honor of this milestone, Five9 has pulled together 25 key stages in the evolution of contact center technology, and what we expect the next significant advancements to be.

Part Four: Contact Centers 2.0 Continue reading

Delivering Excellent Customer Service through Mobile Apps

Delivering Excellent Customer Service through Mobile Apps

Guest Post by Joanna Jones of Impact Learning Systems

We know that mobile is here to stay, at least until the next big disrupter comes along. Until then, mobile devices are dominating how consumers shop, search, educate and connect. As the trend continues away from computers, companies have an opportunity to develop, from the ground up, customer-service strategies for mobile devices. The good news is that when creating CR solutions that are tailored to mobile, companies have the opportunity to create platforms that are well thought out and customized to how users expect to interact with a brand or product. The bad news is that many companies have Continue reading

Contact Center

A Multichannel World Raises The Stakes For Contact Centers

This article was originally posted on InsuranceNewsNet.Com by Cyril Tuohy. You can find it here.

Financial services industry leaders say that in the next five years, contact center agents will be expected to service more complex inquiries and manage more efficient selling techniques.

Suddenly, the stakes surrounding the importance of the contact center Continue reading