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How To Build Seamless Cloud Operations – Interview with Scott Welch, EVP of Cloud Operations

This article was originally published by Virtual Strategy Magazine

As companies move towards replacing their on-premise solutions with cloud technologies, it is essential for cloud vendors to run a seamless operation. In order to do so, cloud vendors need to have a team of skilled professionals, operational processes and best practices to run smoothly. Based on experience from running cloud solutions for over ten years, Scott Welch shares his tips on seamless cloud operations.

VSM: What type of people should be a part of your cloud operations team?

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How to Prepare Your Organization for Cloud

This post was originally published here on the Impact Learning Blog.

By Liz Osborn

We all know contact centers face challenges common to many service-oriented businesses: revenues must go up, quality must rise, and everything has to happen faster–while costs are kept in check. To do this, contact centers depend on multiple technology layers. Applications and tools, often sourced from multiple vendors over different time frames, may not play well together, resulting in inefficient, cumbersome overlaps and gaps in functionality.
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Addressing Contact Center Surges Starts By Preparing in Advance

This article was originally published by ICMI, here.

By Liz Osborn

Imagine the chaos during peak times for customer service: florists on Valentine’s Day, retailers during the holidays, tax planners around April 15th and the application period for online schooling. One of the biggest challenges contact centers face is being able to quickly address staffing surges and peaks in activities in a short amount of time. Today, cloud technology and at-home agents are helping mitigate some of that chaos. Continue reading

The Evolution of the Contact Center

The Evolution of the Contact Center: Part 4 of 5 [SLIDESHARE]

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Enterprise Connect, an event that gathers the most qualified technology professionals and business decision-makers in one place focused specifically on contact center and general customer service tools. In honor of this milestone, Five9 has pulled together 25 key stages in the evolution of contact center technology, and what we expect the next significant advancements to be.

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head in the clouds

Why Keeping Your Head in the Cloud is a Good Thing

Best practices on operating a global cloud data center from a veteran IT operations executive

This article originally appeared on Telecom Reseller, here.Scott Welch

by Scott Welch, EVP of Cloud Operations, Five9

As cloud technologies continue to flourish and replace older, on-premises solutions, it is important for cloud vendors to recognize the necessity of ensuring smooth and seamless operations. When companies trust their cloud vendor to shoulder the responsibility of running their enterprise applications, the expectation is that the vendor can do it better than the business can do themselves. This means cloud vendors need to have the right team, technology, process and procedures in place to provide continuous access and meet service level agreements. Continue reading

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The Rise of Outcome-Based Pricing for Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs)

Customers want answers, and, increasingly, they are asking more complicated questions using a variety of devices. Over the past 10 years, the demand for multichannel support (via email, chat, social, phone and text) has surged as customers have incorporated the latest technological options into their daily lives. Basic customer care now often requires more qualified agents who can solve complex problems, along with robust contact center software that can support multiple communication channels.

In response, contact center outsourcers have been increasingly turning to remote and at-home agents. Contact center outsourcers are striving to differentiate themselves based on their ability to hire and retain the most highly skilled workforce in the customer care field. Managing this workforce has traditionally been a challenge, but outcome-based reporting has shown a great deal of promise in removing much of the uncertainty. Continue reading

Top 4 Cloud Software Myths, Debunked

There is no denying that cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in the tech industry. While incredibly popular, the cloud is still fairly new. The move from “old school” on-premise computing to the “new school” cloud is a significant shift that naturally comes with a certain amount of anxiety and uncertainty.

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Top Benefits of Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers


By Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

Prospects looking for a contact center solution, be it an inbound automatic call distributor (ACD) or an outbound dialer, should undertake a classic selection process. At a high level, this includes defining business needs, drafting a request for proposal (RFP) document, identifying vendors that meet these needs, issuing the RFP, selecting an ideal partner, and negotiating the best possible deal. Continue reading

How the Cloud Has Changed Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and as expected many of us were making a mad dash to chocolatiers, scheduling brunch reservations, and of course, visiting flower shops. Similar to the holiday season, lines at retail stores were longer, parking lots were packed, employees seemed frazzled, customers were frustrated, and supply was quickly dwindling. While this is highly noticeable to the in-store shopper, the increased wait time on the phone is not quite as easy to see but can be just as frustrating for consumers.

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The Work-at-Home Agent Revolution


Today, when a consumer calls a company to buy a product, report a problem or request service, that call is being taken by an agent who more than likely is not sitting in a brick-and-mortar contact center, rather, that agent is wearing sweats and slippers while sitting in the comfort of their own home. Continue reading