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Future of the Contact Center: 7 Key Trends Driving a Massive Transformation (Part 4)

by Liz Osborn, vice president of product and solution marketing at Five9

Contact centers are under pressure to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape and consumer expectations. There are seven key trends that will impact contact centers as they evolve to meet these shifting expectations.

In case you missed them, catch up on part 1, part 2 and part 3.

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Future of the Contact Center: 7 Key Trends Driving a Massive Transformation (Part 1)

by Liz Osborn, vice president of product and solution marketing at Five9

There is no doubt that we’re in the midst of a sea change when it comes to consumer behavior. New technologies have completely transformed consumer expectations and buying behavior, making it more difficult for brands to acquire new customers and earn their loyalty.

Many organizations consider their contact center to be their first line of defense in the battle for consumer loyalty. In fact, the Deloitte 2013 survey of contact centers found that 62 percent of organizations view customer experience, provided through contact centers, as a competitive differentiator. Continue reading

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The Rise of Outcome-Based Pricing for Contact Center Outsourcers (BPOs)

Customers want answers, and, increasingly, they are asking more complicated questions using a variety of devices. Over the past 10 years, the demand for multichannel support (via email, chat, social, phone and text) has surged as customers have incorporated the latest technological options into their daily lives. Basic customer care now often requires more qualified agents who can solve complex problems, along with robust contact center software that can support multiple communication channels.

In response, contact center outsourcers have been increasingly turning to remote and at-home agents. Contact center outsourcers are striving to differentiate themselves based on their ability to hire and retain the most highly skilled workforce in the customer care field. Managing this workforce has traditionally been a challenge, but outcome-based reporting has shown a great deal of promise in removing much of the uncertainty. Continue reading

Creating High-Performing Sales Teams: Q&A with the Five9 Director of Sales Development

Earlier this month, Five9 Director of Sales Development, Kristina McMillan, hosted a webinar where she discussed the 3 pillars that have helped create a high-performing sales development team at Five9: people, technology, and culture. In her presentation, Kristina discussed how Five9 created an efficient process for turning leads into high-value sales opportunities through an innovative approach to hiring, training, coaching, and ultimately, transforming the sales development team into a high-performing unit.

At the end of the webinar, Kristina answered a number of fantastic questions. Catch the recap of the Q&A here:

Q: What sort of gamification do you use?
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Onboarding Contact Center Agents: DAY ONE [CHECKLIST]

Not all agents are created equal; some new arrivals are beginning their careers, while others may be experienced agents. You’re going to onboard them differently, of course-but probably not on the first day.

Why is onboarding such a big deal?

Getting agents off to the right start has many advantages: Continue reading

Episode 3: The Multichannel Agent Challenge #FollowMeOnTweeter

In case you missed it, check out Episode 3 of Success Calls to see how Carl and Windy are using multichannel solutions to improve agent efficiency:

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4 Ways Cloud Technology Helps Contact Centers Leverage Quality Talent, Anywhere


Great agents are everywhere. Well, almost. And that’s important, because, not long ago, the only good candidate was a local one. Contact centers were places where agents came to work–the work couldn’t come to them.

Today, technology advances have changed all that Continue reading

Exclusive Preview: The Multichannel Agent Challenge #FollowMeOnTweeter

Windy and Carl are back at it again! This time they’ve realized their contact centers need to be as connected as their customers – but Windy and Carl seem to have different understandings of what being “connected” really means.

Watch the exclusive sneak peek trailer:

Check out the full episode to see Windy and Carl’s attempts at executing a multichannel strategy.

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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service Phone Etiquette


When it comes to being a professional customer service representative on the phone, there are certain beliefs that, if held true, will provide a better customer experience. Believing that the customer is always right, or that you can actually hear a smile over the phone, are just a couple examples that come to mind. Continue reading

Tips for Staffing a Multichannel Contact Center [SUCCESS STORY] & [SLIDESHARE]

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.49.41 AM
Meeting the needs of today’s connected consumer hinges on the ability to engage on the consumer’s channel of choice whether it’s phone, chat, email or social media. Rising to this occasion first requires offering multiple communication channels, which then requires having the proper technology and agents with the right skill sets to communicate on a variety of channels.

When it comes to staffing a multichannel contact center, there are two main paths you can go down; Continue reading