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4 Ways to Bridge The Gap Between Agent Productivity & Customer Delight

As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, ICMI research has found that contact center agents have the greatest potential to affect the customer experience. Furthermore, the same research found that the greatest positive impact on agent performance hinges on the necessary tools agents need to effectively perform in their position.

So how do you achieve better performance and higher productivity from your agents – to ultimately improve the customer experience? Continue reading

A Critical Disconnect: If Customer Satisfaction Really Matters…

By Liz Osborn

Losing customers to the competition should be your greatest fear. The cost of attracting new customers is significantly greater than retaining your existing ones. In addition, depending on your business, word of mouth referrals will often account for a large percentage of new business growth. All the more reason to keep customers satisfied, loyal to your company, and advocates for your brand. Most contact center leaders have caught on Continue reading

The value of having top-notch behind the scene tools in your contact center

As customers continue to demand higher quality service interactions, the contact center agent has had to step up to the challenge. But is the technology behind the scenes promoting improvements, or hindering the entire process? Continue reading

Who Are Today’s Contact Center Agents?

Contact center agents are the frontline of your company, and they have the greatest potential to affect the customer experience. In order to best make decisions about the frontline, it’s important to understand the DNA of the work they do, how they are compensated, motivated, stressed, and affected by decisions.

ICMI and Five9 recently published a study that indicated that most agents may not be that much different from a historical version of you. Continue reading

Increasing Call Center Agent Performance for Telemarketing and Inside Sales

You can’t argue with Michael Jordan. The man knows a thing or two about winning. In discussing his role in the Bulls’ phenomenal success, Jordan remarked, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” When you talk about improving call center agent performance, you are really talking about three interrelated areas: call centers, agents, and performance.

To improve the first takes a focus on work culture. The second requires more intelligent hiring and development practices. The third demands technology that simplifies the process for more reliable performance. None of these areas alone can drive the kind of increase in revenues it takes to move into a leadership position based on profitability. Continue reading

Agent Apathy: Your Company’s Achilles Heel?

By Liz Osborn

Companies with a reputation for excellent customer service become the gold standard that everyone measures themselves against, for example, Amazon.com and Virgin America. Their excellent service and the low effort required for customers to get answers sets them apart from their competitors and builds raving fans out of their customer base. Yet the needs of contact center agents in any industry — the very people responsible for nurturing the customer experience — are often overlooked. Continue reading

Creating High-Performing Sales Teams: Q&A with the Five9 Director of Sales Development

Earlier this month, Five9 Director of Sales Development, Kristina McMillan, hosted a webinar where she discussed the 3 pillars that have helped create a high-performing sales development team at Five9: people, technology, and culture. In her presentation, Kristina discussed how Five9 created an efficient process for turning leads into high-value sales opportunities through an innovative approach to hiring, training, coaching, and ultimately, transforming the sales development team into a high-performing unit.

At the end of the webinar, Kristina answered a number of fantastic questions. Catch the recap of the Q&A here:

Q: What sort of gamification do you use?
Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost the Fun Factor in Your Contact Center

Just about everyone agrees: employees that feel rewarded tend to be more productive and more effective in their roles–and they’re less likely to depart for greener-looking pastures.

Here are a few ideas for livening things up in your contact center, inspired by the motivation and teamwork of the experts at CSWeek.com: Continue reading