The value of having top-notch behind the scene tools in your contact center

As customers continue to demand higher quality service interactions, the contact center agent has had to step up to the challenge. But is the technology behind the scenes promoting improvements, or hindering the entire process? Continue reading


How Call-Back Systems Can Increase Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT)

Guest Post by Joanna Jones of MHI Global

With customer service trends changing at lightning speed it is sometimes easy to miss the straight forward task of delivering excellent customer experiences. Take for instance call-back systems. It doesn’t matter how much money is invested in infrastructure and training agents if your customers are abandoning their calls out of frustration because of long wait times. Continue reading


A look inside Five9: The people and technology that created a high performing sales development team

Selling is never easy. Inside salespeople must chase after prospects day after day while they deal with frequent rejection and even mind-numbing repetition.

In this blog, you will read first hand, how our very own sales development team became a high-performing unit by leveraging the right people and technology.
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How To Build Seamless Cloud Operations – Interview with Scott Welch, EVP of Cloud Operations

This article was originally published by Virtual Strategy Magazine

As companies move towards replacing their on-premise solutions with cloud technologies, it is essential for cloud vendors to run a seamless operation. In order to do so, cloud vendors need to have a team of skilled professionals, operational processes and best practices to run smoothly. Based on experience from running cloud solutions for over ten years, Scott Welch shares his tips on seamless cloud operations.

VSM: What type of people should be a part of your cloud operations team?

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4 Tips for Diffusing Customer Anger

Guest Post by Joanna Jones of MHI Global

Contact center agents often take the brunt of angry customer interactions. As self-serve options become increasingly common, the reasons behind a customer communicating through phone or chat are changing. What this means for the contact center is Continue reading

Businessman in the starting position

How to Prepare Your Organization for Cloud

This post was originally published here on the Impact Learning Blog.

By Liz Osborn

We all know contact centers face challenges common to many service-oriented businesses: revenues must go up, quality must rise, and everything has to happen faster–while costs are kept in check. To do this, contact centers depend on multiple technology layers. Applications and tools, often sourced from multiple vendors over different time frames, may not play well together, resulting in inefficient, cumbersome overlaps and gaps in functionality.
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The Ugly Truth

Who Are Today’s Contact Center Agents?

Contact center agents are the frontline of your company, and they have the greatest potential to affect the customer experience. In order to best make decisions about the frontline, it’s important to understand the DNA of the work they do, how they are compensated, motivated, stressed, and affected by decisions.

ICMI and Five9 recently published a study that indicated that most agents may not be that much different from a historical version of you. Continue reading


If all you have is two cans and a string, how can you create a great customer experience?

By Liz Osborn

It’s all about the tools you have on hand to do the job well.

It’s the same with contact center agents. If they are given complicated screens with incomplete information and outdated technology, how can they be expected to provide an excellent customer experience? Continue reading


4 Easy Ways to Increase Contact Center Agent Performance

Whether your contact center handles inbound calls, outbound calls, or both, managing it is a difficult and hectic job. You can have the most up-to-date CRM system and technology, but if you have agent performance issues, the customer experience will undoubtably suffer — and if agents are unhappy, it can increase customer churn and hurt the bottom line. Fortunately, these issues are correctable. With a little work, you can increase your call center agent performance.

Here are 4 easy ways to get your agents reaching their full potential: Continue reading


3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Starts With The Agent Experience

As a contact center manager, you’re always seeking to balance two separate factors: You want your agents to provide a superior customer experience, and you want them to perform as cost-effectively as possible. With these twin goals in mind, you probably monitor such metrics as first-call resolution and average call handling time. The fact is, however, that the most important basis for both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and agent performance is the general well-being of your contact center agents. A recent ICMI study shows: Continue reading