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3 Questions to Ask Before Partnering With That Company

By Walt Rossi, Vice President Business Development

I have led many business development teams over the years and what I have learned is that there are three main reasons to partner with a company, and three questions to ask, every single time.

Companies create strong ecosystems to address a challenge that they could not solve on their own. The majority of those challenges fall into one of three categories:

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How Do You Know If a Channel Partner Program is Right For You?

By Wendell Black, VP of Channels

I’m thrilled to announce that Five9 recently expanded the company’s channel partner program. In light of this, I thought it might be helpful to provide more detail on the types of programs typically available and include examples of what we are doing here at Five9.

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The Future of Services: 3 Key Trends in 2016 Contact Center Technology

By Mike Crane, EVP of Services

With 2016 beginning, it’s that time of year to reflect on how far we have come but also prepare for what lies ahead. Significant improvements lie ahead for the contact center industry including focus on the agent experience, shifts in corporate business roles, and the strength of remote service. Three key industry trends we see evolving from a Services’ standpoint in the coming year include:

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Holiday Travel Simplified with Agent Empowerment

By: Mayur Anadkat

As many of you will be traveling this holiday season, I’m sure you can relate to this. I’ve traveled internationally plenty of times, been in many airports, but this time, recently traversing the Toronto airport, it was different. As I was leaving GTACC, Canada’s premier event for the contact center industry, I was blown-away by my horrific experience in this airport. I find it ironic that I just came from GTACC speaking about how customer experience is so critical to business, and then end up with the exact opposite. So here’s what happened…

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Predictions for 2016 in the World of Customer Engagement & Loyalty Marketing

This article was originally published on Loyalty360, here.

By Jim Tierney, Loyalty360

It’s never too early for 2016 predictions that could impact customer engagement, customer loyalty, and the loyalty marketing world as a whole.

Mayur Anadkat, Vice President of Product Marketing for Five9, a contact center software company, shared his thoughts and predictions for 2016 with Loyalty360.

Here they are:

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Customer Experience – Execution = Contact Center Hallucination

By Mayur Anadkat

Thomas Edison once said “a vision without execution is a hallucination,” and I couldn’t agree more. Was he referring to the contact center industry? Probably not, but it is no less a relevant thought. Since the dawn of contact centers, the vision for the industry has always been to build better bridges between the customer and the company. Continue reading


6 Critical Mistakes When Implementing a New Service Channel

Quality customer service plays a major part in keeping your audience satisfied and loyal to your brand, but phone support alone doesn’t cut it anymore. According to a recent study by ICMI, 74% of consumers use three or more channels while resolving their issues. When you implement a new service channel, there are six critical mistakes you need to avoid to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Continue reading


3 Tips for Reducing Churn in Your Call Center

Guest Post by Jodi Beuder of MHI Global

While there is no silver-bullet for eliminating unwanted churn in the call center, there are steps that business managers can take to at least reduce unwanted turnover.

If your call center is staffed similarly to others around the country, then nearly 70% are of the Millennial generation (loosely defined as those between the ages of 18 to 34). While there are a lot of negative adjectives associated with the work ethic of this generation, most of them are unfounded when scrutinized. When examining the high-turnover rates associated with Millennial workers, often it is because
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Will Self-Service Eventually Replace the Live Agent?

By Liz Osborn

This article was originally published on ICMI here.

When it comes to customer service, as consumers, we can do a lot on our own thanks to the copious amounts of technology at our fingertips. In fact, most of us tend to prefer self-service to relying on a live connection to help us reach a solution. According to a recent consumer survey commissioned by Nuance Enterprise, 75 percent of respondents said self-service is a convenient way to address customer service issues. Just think about how much Continue reading


3 Training Tips for Contact Center Agents

Guest Post by Joanna Jones of MHI Global

Customers calling into your call center are likely doing so because they are unable to sort out a problem on their own, they require technical assistance or assistance is required to complete a transaction. No matter the reason they’re calling, when they do connect with an agent they expect representatives to be courteous, professional, and knowledgeable and provide quick resolution to their issue.

Agent training often targets product knowledge, efficiency and customer service basics, but these skills are can either be hurt or helped, depending on the CRM software your organization is using. Delivering excellent customer service means agents need quick access to customer history, billing and shipping information, and current service and product information. Continue reading