5 Reasons to “Break-Up” with Your On Premise Contact Center Solution



Valentine’s Day can be stressful, but staying in a relationship that should have ended long ago makes it even worse. With this in mind, here are five reasons why you should break up with your on premise contact center provider today.

1. They can be difficult: Having a partner that always makes the simplest things complicated can be exhausting. With the cloud, upgrades are a breeze, while bulky on premise software and hardware can take months of reprogramming to implement something new.

2. They just won’t grow up: Software vendors that refuse to move to the cloud are simply trying to relive their glory days — similar to the friend with the beer gut reminiscing about that one high school championship football game while everyone else has moved on.

3. They can be so inflexible: Lack of flexibility in a relationship is a deal breaker. At times you may need hundreds of call center agents (ahem, Valentine’s Day flower sellers), and other days you may only need five. It’s not your fault, it’s the way the world works, and on premise providers can’t deal with that.

4. You aren’t ready for a big commitment: On premise software vendors expect you to commit years of your (company’s) life in one fell swoop! While it may seem like a good idea at the time, who’s to say where either of you are going to be a year from now. Being locked down like that can only lead to frustration and anxiety.

5. It just doesn’t feel right: Your relationship with your contact center software provider should be one of mutual respect and harmony. The cloud enables contact centers to feel more comfortable with their providers, and ultimately feel like they belong together.

Don’t spend another minute with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. Break up with your on premise provider, and make the switch to the cloud today!


  1. Darrell Miles

    As more and more companies develop their lead systems, the ability to react in a positive manner and react fast is becoming more of a mandatory requirement. Often time you cannot do it with onsite service. The world (customers)is becoming and expecting 24 operations and that’s difficult to with onsite customer service.

    • Five9

      Agreed, Darrell. Contact centers must evolve to keep up with customer expectations, and we are seeing the cloud enable businesses to do just that – across multiple channels.

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